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Signs You Have a Collapsed Drain

Drains · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 30th March 2020

A collapsed drain is often considered to be one of the most extreme and complex drainage issues to occur. There are multiple causes, including: Poor and low-level drain maintenance Damage to pipes and sewer systems Degradation of pipes A collapsed drain should be acted upon as soon as you notice a problem or one of the following signs that we’ll be presenting to you in this article. The sooner an issue is realised and rectified, the cost and disruption to your everyday life will be minimal. You’re experiencing regular blockages A simple blockage can be rectified by thoroughly cleaning the drain,…

Collapsed Drain
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Drainage: A Glossary of Terms

Drains · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 29th January 2020

Drains aren’t always thought about in a great level of detail, so when an issue occurs, it can be difficult to know where to start. When you call a professional to fix the problem, it can be overwhelming when it comes to understanding the terminology used. Here at Power Rod, we understand the importance of our customers being fully aware as to what the situation is and what has been done to fix it. In order for this to happen, all jargon needs to be understood, and we’re on hand to help. In this article, we’ll be presenting you with a…

Fixed kitchen drain
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Drain Problems That Require A Professional

Drains · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 29th November 2019

In a do-it-yourself culture, almost every homeowner will have a set of generic tools they try to fix everything with. From hammers and spanners to plungers and screw drivers, there’s a tool for everything, but what if you have a drainage or plumbing issue that you’re anxious about fixing yourself? Firstly, we strongly advise that you do not try to fix these problems yourself, as you could cause further damage and harm yourself in the process. Secondly, there are numerous drainage issues which could occur that only a professional will be able to rectify. In this article, we’ll be explaining the…

Drain Problems
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Why it’s Important for Companies to Maintain their Drains

Preventing clogs·Preventing slow drains·Preventing smells · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 28th September 2019

There are many ways in which a blocked or leaking drain can destroy your property or surrounding land. Leaks could cause ceilings to fall down and blockages can cause pipes to burst over time. The best way to prevent this from happening is to ensure your drains are well maintained all year round.   The importance of drain maintenance There aren’t many places where water won’t collect or seep into, so no matter how watertight you think your building is, it most likely isn’t. Water can cause catastrophic damage to company premises, as well as the land it sits on. Water…

Blocked drain in Watford
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What To Do In A Drainage Emergency

Drains · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 8th July 2019

It can be difficult to know exactly what to do in the event of a drainage emergency, but fear not, as there are some things you can do before you call out the help of a trained and qualified professional. Blocked drains and wastewater flooding are among the most common issues you can experience when it comes to drainage emergencies. Here’s what you can do in the event of a drainage emergency. Fixing a blocked drain Check to see if the nearest manhole is blocked, or check with a neighbour to determine whether they’re having the same issue. If you find…

Emergency blocked drain
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How Damaged Manhole Covers and Gully Grates Can Be Dangerous

Drains · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 30th May 2019

Damaged manhole covers and gully grates have more of an impact on society than you may realise. We all turn a blind eye to public issues sometimes, but this is one you definitely need to be responsible for, and take the time to report. Read on to find out why.   Why should you report damaged manhole covers and gully grates? The drainage of water from the surface of the roads is what keeps them safe and dry. When the drains get clogged the road can flood, causing drivers to lose control of their cars. Local councils dig out vegetation from…

Manhole cover
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