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How To Prepare For A Flood

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If it feels like flooding is in the news more often these days, that’s probably because things have been getting gradually wetter. According to the Met Office, for every 1°C increase in the air temperature, there is an extra 7% increase in how much water it can hold, leading to heavier rainfall and flash flooding.

With this and the general increase in global temperatures over several decades in mind, flooding is more of a risk than ever. That’s why this month, at Power Rod, we’re looking at how serious the risk of flooding is for London and what you should do to prepare against the worst.


Is London prone to flooding?

If you’ve lived in London for a long time already, you’ll probably be aware of how likely flooding is in your area. Images of water cascading down into tube stations as recently as 2021 should be enough to highlight the damage and disruption that can be done.

The website contains flood maps showing that parts of London are in flood zone 3, meaning that there is a “high probability of flooding from rivers and the sea”. The Thames is largely responsible for these risks, with smaller rivers connected adding extra concern, especially since these fall outside of the flood defences.

According to a map created by NASA, areas along The Thames could see regular flooding risks in the next decade, while Stratford, Canary Wharf and areas to the east also face significant risk. In addition to rainfall and river levels, however, the drainage in your area impacts how effectively water can be diverted.


How to get flood alerts in your area

Sometimes, checking the weather forecast for the next day that warns of heavy rainfall may not give you enough time to prepare. So what can you do to give yourself as much notice on any potential flooding likely in your borough of London?

The sign allows you to sign up for flood warnings, letting you select to get notified by phone or email. You’ll need to provide some details and ensure you update them if you move. You can sign up for this service here

If you want to find out more generally whether there are flood risks today and the outlook ahead, you can check in on the government’s forecast system.


How to secure your property against floodwater

We’ve already covered the first step in preparing to protect your property against flooding, which is to remain vigilant and informed via the warning systems in place. However, there are several ways you can prepare for a flood, regardless of whether or not you intend to stay inside the property or not:

  • Move valuables and documents upstairs or on high shelves. This will keep anything important to you as far from flood water as possible.
  • Find out how to stop your water, gas and electric supply. It’s good to know how to do this safely so that you can make your property secure if water begins to make its way into your home or business.
  • Acquire sandbags. In the event of very minor flooding, sandbags might keep some water at bay in more vulnerable spots around your property, such as doorways.

Steps to prevent flooding

While heavy rainfall and rivers bursting their banks aren’t things you can necessarily control, you can help limit the risk of flooding in your immediate area by ensuring your drains are kept clear. This will allow them to carry as much water away as possible if the worst happens.

A blocked drain on your property only puts more pressure on the system surrounding it and is more likely to see flood water reach your property faster. At Power Rod, we offer a range of drainage services, from drain cleaning to keep all routes clear, through to drain unblocking if you know there is a specific blockage somewhere in your system.

You can also alert the local borough authority if you notice the drain manholes in your area have become blocked with leaves and debris. They should be able to arrange for this to be addressed so that heavy rainfall isn’t allowed to accumulate.


Whether you’re concerned about flooding in your area of London and the Home Counties or you simply want to stay on top of drain maintenance for your property, look no further than our experienced team at Power Rod. Carrying out our services for commercial and domestic premises, we offer fast, efficient work and no call-out charges no matter who you are. Pick up the phone today or use our enquiry form to get in touch.


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