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Do I Need Drain Excavation?

Advice·Drains · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 31st May 2022

Drain excavation is one of the more extreme measures in solving issues with drains. The answer to the question “do I need drain excavation?” is a complex one, but if it’s being recommended, it’s likely that other options aren’t workable or have already failed. To help you better understand drain excavation, along with how it’s undertaken and why it might be needed, we’ve produced a short guide on the topic here. Find answers to your common drain excavation questions, and if you’re still unsure about the topic in relation to your property, just give our expert team a call!   What…

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Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Drains·Preventing clogs · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 22nd March 2022

A blocked drain outside your home doesn’t just mean issues outside – it will also likely create issues inside your property too. From sinks that back up into the kitchen to toilets that overflow when you flush – not to mention the smell of your drains – it can wreak havoc in your life. If you want to avoid this nightmare scenario and the disruption it brings to your daily routine, then check out the common causes of blocked drains and see if there are any behaviours you might need to change!   1. Tree Roots Tree root ingress is not…

pink and orange packet of wipes - a common cause of blocked drains
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What Is Drain Mapping?

Drains · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 27th January 2022

Drain mapping is a type of drain survey, but it’s probably one you’re less familiar with. If drain mapping isn’t something you know about, then never fear, as the team here at Power Rod are here to help. This month, we’ll be taking a look at what drain mapping is, how it’s carried out, why you might need it and what the benefits are. By the end of this article, we hope you’ll have a better understanding of what the service is and how it can be useful in a number of different situations.   What is drain mapping? Drain mapping…

Map of drains
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Who Is Responsible For Blocked Drains?

Drains · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 20th September 2021

Blocked drains are always unwelcome and are not always easy to sort out. That might be because whatever it is that is blocking them proves stubbornly resistant to all attempts to remove it. Should that be the case, it may also not always be totally clear who is responsible for dealing with the situation – after all, don’t we pay our water companies to maintain the sewers? Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple, so this month, the team at Power Rod is going to be taking a detailed look at who is responsible for blocked drains and sewers.   Drains and sewers…

Who is responsible for blocked drains
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What is Drain Relining?

Drains · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 29th July 2021

If you’ve had any issues with your drains, you might have been told that drain relining is an option. But what is this, seemingly magic, service and how do you know whether it’s right for you? This month at Power Rod, we’ll give you an honest look at the reasons why drain relining is often needed, what the benefits of it are and how it’s carried out when you do need it.   What is drain relining exactly? Drain relining is the process of threading a new lining into your drain. Usually made from a special resin that can be forced…

Drain relining
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Common Causes of Slow Draining Drains

Drains·Preventing clogs·Preventing slow drains · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 5th May 2021

Are you finding that your drains are draining away slowly? Or are they not draining at all? It can be a baffling position to find yourself in, whether it’s one drain inside the house or the drainage system outside causing slower drainage for the whole property. Luckily, at Power Rod, we provide CCTV drain surveys to quickly get to the bottom of any drainage issues. This means you can restore order to your home faster without worrying once we diagnose the problem and recommend the right action to take. However, if you’re curious about the common causes of sinks and toilets…

Slow draining sink common causes
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