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Tree Root Damage To Drains In Summer

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Tree Root Damage To Drains In Summer

As the temperature begins to rise and we enter the summer months, the growth of trees and their roots is in full swing. While trees provide many benefits to our environment, their roots can also cause serious damage to our drainage systems.

In this article, we will discuss the impact of tree root damage on drains, which tree roots are most likely to cause damage, signs that may indicate the presence of tree roots in your drains, and how to effectively deal with this issue.

If you’re still unsure about what’s causing your drainage issue after reading this post, don’t hesitate to call us, your local drainage company, at Power Rod.

Can tree roots affect drains?

Yes, tree roots can certainly affect drains. The roots of trees are naturally drawn towards sources of water and, unfortunately, our drainage systems provide a prime source of water for them. Over time, the roots can grow into and around the pipes, causing significant damage to the structure and flow of the drainage system.

Left unchecked, roots from trees near buildings can eventually make their way to your pipes, causing significant damage to them and impacting how effective they are at doing their intended job. It’s safe to say that tree roots and drains don’t mix well.

Which tree roots can damage drainage systems?

With a variety of tree species across the UK, most can pose a risk to your drainage system eventually.

However, some are more likely to affect your drains than others, particularly the ones with fast-growing and invasive root systems. Willows, poplars and maples are known to have some of the most intrusive and damaging roots. These trees have roots that are strong enough to penetrate even the toughest materials used in modern drainage systems.

Signs that there may be tree roots in your drains

Several signs may indicate the presence of tree roots in your drains. If you notice any of the following, it may be time to call in a professional drainage company:

  • Slow-draining water in sinks, toilets and showers
  • Gurgling sounds coming from your drains
  • Foul smells emanating from your drains
  • The presence of plant roots in your drains
  • Visible cracks or damage to your pipes

How do you deal with tree roots in drains?

If you believe tree roots are causing drainage issues on your property, the good news is that there are several ways in which they can be dealt with to put things right. The severity of the problem will no doubt dictate what action is required, but you should always engage the services of a professional drainage company.

Simple solutions such as high-pressure drain jetting, used to blast away tree roots blocking the system, might suffice. On the other hand, drain excavation to remove the roots and replace damaged portions of the drain might be required in more severe cases.

Not sure what work your drains need? Ask our expert team and we’ll be happy to help find the right solution.

Drain maintenance services from Power Rod

The old saying that ‘prevention is better than the cure’ is true here, with regular drain maintenance helping to ensure your drains are kept clear of roots and debris throughout the year, but especially in the drier summer months. At Power Rod, we offer dedicated drain maintenance services such as drain cleaning and drain jetting, as well as CCTV drain surveys to identify any mysterious issues plaguing your system. This helps to avoid any costly repairs further down the line and keeps your drainage system in top condition to perform as it should.

Tree root damage in drains is always more common during the warmer summer months, and can cause serious damage if left unchecked for properties across the Home Counties – including Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, including Watford and Aylesbury.

At Power Rod, we offer a range of drainage services to help prevent and resolve these types of issues. Don’t let tree roots damage your drains this summer – call us today.

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