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Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Drains·Preventing clogs · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 22nd March 2022

A blocked drain outside your home doesn’t just mean issues outside – it will also likely create issues inside your property too. From sinks that back up into the kitchen to toilets that overflow when you flush – not to mention the smell of your drains – it can wreak havoc in your life. If you want to avoid this nightmare scenario and the disruption it brings to your daily routine, then check out the common causes of blocked drains and see if there are any behaviours you might need to change!   1. Tree Roots Tree root ingress is not…

pink and orange packet of wipes - a common cause of blocked drains
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Common Causes of Slow Draining Drains

Drains·Preventing clogs·Preventing slow drains · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 5th May 2021

Are you finding that your drains are draining away slowly? Or are they not draining at all? It can be a baffling position to find yourself in, whether it’s one drain inside the house or the drainage system outside causing slower drainage for the whole property. Luckily, at Power Rod, we provide CCTV drain surveys to quickly get to the bottom of any drainage issues. This means you can restore order to your home faster without worrying once we diagnose the problem and recommend the right action to take. However, if you’re curious about the common causes of sinks and toilets…

Slow draining sink common causes
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How To Deal With Tree Roots in Drains

Drains·Preventing clogs · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 31st March 2021

When admiring the beauty of nature, we often forget that trees, hedges and plants all need firm roots in the ground to stabilise and gather water. This is what helps them grow, but it can wreak havoc with domestic drains and commercial drains alike. Once roots reach your drains, they are powerful enough to, over a period of time, work their way into the drain or make even the smallest cracks much worse. This causes blockages which usually seem to be a mystery until a CCTV survey is carried out for your drains. This month, we’ll talk you through why this…

Tree roots in drains
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Common Drain Problems in Winter

Drains·Preventing clogs · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 26th November 2020

Winter is just around the corner, and while that often means the start of the festive season, it also can mean a raft of common drain problems caused by wintery conditions. The last thing you need at this time of year when it’s colder and darker is an issue with your drains which can cause a backup in your house or create unpleasant smells. This month, to help you stay ahead of these issues, we’ll outline some of the most common drain problems we find in winter and tell you how you can help to combat them.   Debris Autumn has…

Frozen drain causing problem in winter
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Why it’s Important for Companies to Maintain their Drains

Preventing clogs·Preventing slow drains·Preventing smells · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 28th September 2019

There are many ways in which a blocked or leaking drain can destroy your property or surrounding land. Leaks could cause ceilings to fall down and blockages can cause pipes to burst over time. The best way to prevent this from happening is to ensure your drains are well maintained all year round.   The importance of drain maintenance There aren’t many places where water won’t collect or seep into, so no matter how watertight you think your building is, it most likely isn’t. Water can cause catastrophic damage to company premises, as well as the land it sits on. Water…

Importance of maintaining drains
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The Benefits of Maintaining a Good Drainage System

Drains·Preventing clogs·Preventing slow drains·Preventing smells · Posted by: Power-Rod · on 19th December 2018

  There are many benefits to maintaining a good drainage system in all properties, regardless of whether it’s domestic or commercial. These benefits include having full flexibility in knowing that you can use your sinks, toilets and showers whenever you need to and keeping nasty smells and costly repairs at bay. To maintain a clean drain, it’s vital you know what constitutes ‘good general practice’, this will help you to protect your pipes, preventing clogs and slow drains, as well as avoiding unpleasant odours. This month, Power Rod are here to encourage customers to be mindful when using drains by offering…

Water running down sink drain
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