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The Benefits of Maintaining a Good Drainage System

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The Benefits of Maintaining a Good Drainage System

There are many benefits to maintaining a good drainage system in all properties, regardless of whether it’s domestic or commercial. These benefits include having full flexibility in knowing that you can use your sinks, toilets and showers whenever you need to and keeping nasty smells and costly repairs at bay. To maintain a clean drain, it’s vital you know what constitutes ‘good general practice’, this will help you to protect your pipes, preventing clogs and slow drains, as well as avoiding unpleasant odours.

This month, Power Rod are here to encourage customers to be mindful when using drains by offering a helpful, basic routine. Simple things such as being careful when putting things down toilets and sinks and generally paying close attention to the first signs of a drainage problem will make a significant difference to your plumbing, so why not give it a try?  

Prevents clogs

Place drain covers over your plug holes. This will help to reduce a build-up of hair, food bits and stop larger objects from being flushed down your drains and thus, prevent clogs. Stainless steel drain covers aren’t a permanent fixture and can be removed easily, so you can get rid of debris at the bottom of the sink – making the process hassle-free. You can get plastic drain covers but they tend to move out of place when there’s a surge of water, which means they’re not as effective.  

Prevents slow drains

Sometimes after a shower or bath there can be a build up of soap scum around the plug hole and this can lead to a slow drain if repeatedly left to settle. To stop this developing into a problem, use a drain cleaner once a month – simply pour the solution directly down the plughole, leave for half an hour – wash down with hot water to clear any residue build-up.  

Prevents smell

Having a bad smell emanating from your drains can take over your home and be an embarrassing and uncomfortable thing to deal with. Things like stray hairs, soap scum and food bits can get stuck in your drains and when they start to decay you’ll certainly know about it. Bad smells can easily be prevented with regular upkeep. Using drain covers, drain cleaning solutions and opting for the bin when disposing of cooking fats, oils and coffee grounds, instead of your sink, will keep you on track to an odour-free drainage system.

Simple actions can prevent flooding and water damage, so help yourself out in the long run by taking a moment to care for your plumbing.

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