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What is a Rat Drain Blocker?

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What is a Rat Drain Blocker?

As the old adage goes, ‘you’re never more than 6 feet away from a rat’, and in recent times this is more likely than ever. The latest figures show that the rat population in the UK has now reached 150 million; an increase of over 30 million when compared to last year! This is thought to be due to lockdown, which offered rats the opportunity to breed without interference. With the rat population rising at such an alarming rate, it’s more important than ever to ensure your home is protected against a possible infestation. One of the most common ways for rats to infiltrate a property is via the drainage system, and the rat drain blocker offers a simple way to prevent this.

But what is a rat drain blocker and how do they work? The team at Power Rod is here to answer your questions.

How do I stop rats coming through my drains?

The high food and water content inside drains makes them an attractive point of entry for rats, as well as offering a damp and moist environment to build a nest. If you suspect you have been subject to a rat infestation, you should first inspect the drains and pipes around your home. Rats can take advantage of even the tiniest gaps, so it’s vital to ensure your pipework is completely sealed; if not, repairs should be performed as quickly as possible. A rat blocker device should also be installed. This acts as a one-way valve, preventing rats from entering your property whilst still allowing waste to exit.


what is a rat drain blocker

How do rat drain blockers work?

Rat blockers are valves installed at the drain point of entry and are designed to only move in one direction: the direction of flow. As rats are most commonly found in the sewers, rat drain blockers discourage rodent movement and prevent rat traffic moving upwards. These anti-vermin valves have a double gate mechanism that only opens on a single side, ensuring waste flow whilst preventing rodent entry. There are numerous benefits to rat drain blockers: they are affordable, easy to maintain and a humane and non-toxic way to rid your home of rats.

How to install a rat drain blocker

Rat drain blockers should always be installed by a drainage professional to ensure optimum results. The installer will perform an examination of your drain interior using specialised scan probe equipment; this allows them to pinpoint the exact location that the rat blocker should be fitted. After locating the correct drain run, it will then be installed either manually or by using an installation pole. Drain blockers are secured in place by a tight friction fit, meaning that – if fitted correctly – they cannot be dislodged. Your drainage specialist will then check the installation of your drain blocker by flushing some toilet paper and watching how it passes along the unit. Most drain rat guards are typically made of galvanised steel, meaning they are gnaw-proof and can remain in operation for many years to come.

Power Rod are your local drainage experts and are able to fit and install rat drain blockers to all commercial and domestic properties in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire – including Watford, Aylesbury and the surrounding region. Our fully qualified engineers provide free, no-obligation estimates and will never impose a callout charge.

To discuss the needs of your property or book your rat drain blocker installation, contact one of our friendly team today.

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