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What is Drain Relining?

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What is Drain Relining?

If you’ve had any issues with your drains, you might have been told that drain relining is an option. But what is this, seemingly magic, service and how do you know whether it’s right for you?

This month at Power Rod, we’ll give you an honest look at the reasons why drain relining is often needed, what the benefits of it are and how it’s carried out when you do need it.


What is drain relining exactly?

Drain relining is the process of threading a new lining into your drain. Usually made from a special resin that can be forced or inflated into position, this will cover the insides of your existing drainage pipework. Once in place, it creates a new coating that can help to prevent a number of key drainage issues.

Having this installed in the first instance will require a CCTV drainage survey and professional cleaning to make sure the drains are ready to take the new lining.

Drain relining


Signs your drains need relining

Let’s begin where investigation of all major drainage issues should start – with a CCTV survey. A CCTV drainage survey will allow a professional drainage company to inspect your pipework and find out the exact root of the problem you’re having. Your drains could be badly damaged or they might simply need a thorough cleaning, so it’s better to have them inspected first before making any rash decisions.

Should any of the following be spotted, then you might wish to pursue drain relining as an option for your home or business.

  • Tree root ingress – This damage can be hidden until spotted in a drain survey
  • Cracked pipes – Likewise, a cracked pipe could be creating issues for your property
  • Displaced joints – Where two pipes have become misaligned, you may find your drain water is damaging the surrounding ground


What are the benefits of drain relining?

Drain relining is a popular choice to fix some of the issues above for a number of reasons. Take a look at some of the benefits of drain relining:

  • No need to dig – Usually your drains may need excavation if there’s an issue, but drain relining can often be carried out without any digging, so that means less disruption to your property.
  • Saves money – Excavation is not only time consuming, but it’s also more expensive, whereas drain relining doesn’t involve digging and therefore can be the cheaper option.
  • Improved flow rates – With a new internal lining, all the cracks and obstructions will have been counteracted, offering a lower friction level that increases the flow rate.
  • Prevents tree root ingress – While tree roots can be stubborn, relining your drains will provide added strength to resist this for years to come.


Drain Cleaning & CCTV Surveys

Here at Power Rod, we provide CCTV surveys to help you establish what the cause of your drainage issue is. This can save time in getting to the root of the problem, and, in tandem with drain cleaning, could save you from having to go down a more drastic route like drain relining or excavation.

However, should we uncover extensive damage that requires repairs, don’t worry, our expert team can talk you through your options, including our No-Dig Lining service and extensive excavation for full replacements.

To find out more about any of our services or to book your CCTV drain survey anywhere in the Home Counties – including Watford and Aylesbury – contact us today. We have the experience and the skills to help in any situation when there’s an issue with your drains.

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