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Unusual Things Found in Drains

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Unusual Things Found in Drains

From time to time, we all lose things down the drain by accident. Whether it’s a ring that has slipped off during the washing up or a pair of keys accidentally knocked into the toilet bowl, these things happen. But over the years there have been incredible stories of things which have been dredged from drains which you would never expect to find.

This month, we’ve compiled some of the unusual things found in drains – hopefully serving as a warning not to flush anything down your drains which doesn’t belong there.

A Mini

Yes, you read that correctly. Half a Mini – the car model so popular here in Britain – was pulled out of a sewer by Thames Water from a location within London. How it came to be there seems unclear, but someone had clearly had enough of their car and wanted to dispose of it for good.

A Sheep

Clearly a rogue sheep from an adventurous pack, it seems that one sheep went exploring too far in Surrey. He was found simply wandering about when someone carried out routine sewer checks.


You won’t want to sit down on the toilet again for a while after hearing this one, but after residents in the Midlands complained of a strange smell emanating from their drains, it turned out to be Piranha, six of them in fact. The toothy fishies – usually found in South America – were found dead when the situation was investigated.

A Baby

A truly heartbreaking entry to the list, a mother abandoned her newborn baby in a storm drain in Sydney, Australia, after fear her family would disapprove. Thankfully the baby was found a few days later by passing cyclists and has since recovered, having been placed with a foster family.


Over to Florida now, where this slightly less unusual entry happens fairly regularly according to the authorities. While they might not consider it unusual, it certainly is a disturbing thought that 14ft alligators could be roaming about your sewer system. In Texas back in 2007, a 20ft ‘gator was found in a storm drain – thankfully, no alligators have been found in British drains.


Well, not quite. But that’s what city officials in North Carolina thought they’d found when they spotted a pulsating mass attached to the wall of a drain. It turned out to be a colony of worms which amass together, completely harmless in terms of the impact on the drains, but creepy nonetheless.

Severed Finger

Someone out there is missing a finger after Thames Water found a severed finger in a drain after their multi-million-pound effort to clear London’s drains back in 2013. This item probably begs the most questions, a mystery item that unfortunately may never have a resolution.

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