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Signs You Have a Collapsed Drain

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Signs You Have a Collapsed Drain

A collapsed drain is often considered to be one of the most extreme and complex drainage issues to occur. There are multiple causes, including:

  • Poor and low-level drain maintenance
  • Damage to pipes and sewer systems
  • Degradation of pipes

A collapsed drain should be acted upon as soon as you notice a problem or one of the following signs that we’ll be presenting to you in this article. The sooner an issue is realised and rectified, the more likely it is that the cost and disruption to your everyday life will be minimal.

Collapsed Drain Signs

5 signs that you have a collapsed drain

You’re experiencing regular blockages

A simple blockage can be rectified by thoroughly cleaning the drain, and where this is most likely the case when it comes to drain blockages, it may well be something more sinister – particularly if the problem is recurring.

It could be that a collapsed drain is the culprit for the issues you’re experiencing, and so a survey should be done as soon as you suspect something more serious than a regular drain blockage.

Here at Power Rod, we’re able to carry out both CCTV drain surveys and home buyer drain surveys for your peace of mind. If you think that a collapsed drain may be the reason for your drainage issues, then our experts will be able to confirm if your suspicions are true in no time.

You can smell sewage

One of the first things you’re likely to notice when you have a collapsed drain is a foul smell of sewage. You may well experience this outside or around your drains, or even in your home, therefore indicating that a drainpipe has been damaged.

However, the unpleasant smell can still rear its head due to a simple blockage, and may well disappear after having it cleaned. Power Rod are able to offer drain unblocking services should you suspect that your drains are clogged, although we recommend having a CCTV drain survey done first, just to be sure.

If you have your drains unblocked and find that the smell has gone, then you can take that as a victory. However, if the smell returns, then a collapsed drain could be at play. As soon as you notice a strong sewage smell, whether it be in your home or by your drains, call a professional drainage contractor to investigate the problem.

You have a rodent infestation

If you’re experiencing rot and drainage problems at the same time, this could be a sign that you have a rodent infestation. If your drain pipes have collapsed, or become damaged or cracked in any way, then it leaves your drainage system vulnerable to rodents and other infestations.

Rats are able to lead long lives in the sewers and your drainage system can provide equally comfortable dwellings for them. Not only is this unhygienic, but it can also cause multiple problems which could be costly to rectify further down the line.

If you believe that you have a rodent infestation in your drains, then call a reputable pest control company to rid your property of the furry troublemakers. Only then can a drainage expert be called. Power Rod are unable to deal with the rodent problem itself, but once they have been vacated from the drainage system, we can get to work. We’re even able to install drain rat blockers, preventing another rodent infestation.

You can see or smell damp or mould

If one or more of your drain pipes are damaged, then the water flow throughout your home will likely be affected. This could then cause damp patches to appear on your walls (located in the vicinity of the damaged pipes) as a result of wastewater penetrating the structure of your home.

Damp can cause mould to form, which can be hazardous to the health of those who live in the house, particularly young children and the elderly. If you find damp patches or mould in your property, accompanied by an unpleasant smell of sewage, then a collapsed drain could be the cause.

Your drains are slow at clearing

Frustrating to deal with, a slow drain could indicate a simple blocked drain. However, if you have the drain unblocked and then find, further down the line, that the problem has reoccured, then you may have a collapsed drain to deal with.

A thorough CCTV drain survey will confirm whether or not the drain has been damaged or fully collapsed, offering a more definitive explanation for the repeating problem. Tree root intrusion could also be the culprit, and is one of the most common causes of slow drains. Regardless of the reason, your drains should be fully repaired and regularly maintained to ensure optimum performance at all times.


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