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How to prevent rats getting into your drains

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How to prevent rats getting into your drains

Finding out that you have a rat infestation can be worrying, especially if these pests are getting into your house or business through your drainage system. This month Power Rod are here to explain how rodents manage this and offer a variety of methods you can use in order to stop vermin and prevent them from finding their way into your property in the first place. We will also cover the problems rat infestations can cause in drains and the best action to take should you find yourself faced with rats in your drains.

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How do rats get into your drainage system?

Sewers offer rats the ideal home where food is plentiful and offer a great network for meeting other rats in order to breed. Rats will explore the underground sewage systems and will follow any signs of food, so as you can imagine if there are any broken pipes, grates or coverings, a rogue rat will happily explore these areas if there’s a chance they can find nourishment. Rats are good swimmers and they will easily make their way up or down damaged sewer pipes, u-bends and tiny cracks. If you notice any immediate breakages be sure to fix them quickly, it’s unlikely you’ll end up with rats but who wants to chance it? Always remember to put the toilet seat down when you flush – not only will it stop germs from spreading but also prevent rats exploring your property.

Ways to prevent rats in your drainage systems

  • Never flush food waste or anything else other than toilet paper and human waste. Food will naturally attract rats and can cause blockages.
  • Check your drainage system over and make sure there aren’t any burst, leaking, decaying or broken pipes.
  • Ensure you have a grate inside your drain – this will allow waste to be flushed down into the sewers but will prevent rats from entering your toilet and therefore, property.
  • Have a CCTV drainage survey to check that your pipes are in full, working order. If you have rats in your drains but you can’t see signs of damaged pipes, it might be the case that they were improperly installed or that there’s a bigger problem. A CCTV survey will be able to delve into the depths and find the cause.
  • Close off any holes or small cracks with filler or sealant – rats can get through the smallest of gaps, so don’t take any risks.
  • Feed pets inside your home and wash the bowl afterwards, do not leave food out all day and make sure you don’t feed them outside.

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Signs you have rats:

  • Droppings
  • Chewed materials, i,e papers, wires, wood
  • Scratching sounds
  • Strange odours – smells that are musty or of urine
  • Unusual pet behaviour

Problems rats can cause in properties

If left untreated, rats can cause structural problems as well as visible ones. They are known for chewing through anything and everything, which means they can cause short circuits in your electricity and even put your building at risk of a fire. They can burrow inside expensive sofa suites, tunnel inside walls and make nests amongst installation. Rats will spread disease throughout and leave dropping everywhere they go, so it’s incredibly important to seek professional assistance as soon as you notice signs of rodents. They can impact your families health and be detrimental to businesses.

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