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0800 998 1997

0800 998 1997

Drain Rat <span>Blockers/Stoppers</span> 

Rat Problems in your drains?

We have the specialist equipment & experience to quickly remedy this for you.

  • Block drains from rats & vermin
  • Stop rats getting into your drains
  • One­way valves can be installed by Power Rod
  • We have the specialist equipment needed to scan the drains and block at the correct point.

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Drain Rat <span>Blockers/Stoppers</span> Drain Rat <span>Blockers/Stoppers</span>

Drain Rat Blockers/Stoppers

Drain Rat Blocker

As a leading drain maintenance company operating throughout Watford, Aylesbury and Hertfordshire, here at Power Rod we can quickly remedy any vermin problems in your drains using specialist drain rat blocker equipment.

We understand that properties can suffer from persistent rat problems, so to avoid future infestations we can install one-way valves in your drainage system. This prevent rats from entering buildings through the sewer system, while still allowing waste to flow freely in the other direction.


  • Avoids unauthorised connections with abandoned pipes
  • Prevents ground water entering sewers
  • Stops the passage of odour or airborne particles
  • Discourages the movement of rats and other vermin
Drain Rat Blocker

Our fully trained engineers can find the exact point a drain rodent blocker is needed using specialist scan probe equipment which examines the interior of your drains. We can also block off any unused drains using a drainblock bag which operates by sealing off drains and sewers to discourage rats and vermin from entering.

If your premises is in need of a drain rat stopper or drain vermin blocker, simply contact our expert team today - we are always on hand to help with any enquiry.